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PromotingThis is my new idea and i want to share whit world

In this section i want to talk about online promotion and online sharing

How to promote more successeful and more efective

promoting is part of selling if our promotion campaing is right we will generate more visitors for our thinhgs and after buyer byt i will talk aboyt this becose here i see a many future scenario variants

i want to share some example if i want to sell somthinhg i start write post articles blogs sites online about this

promtion is magic i think

many people see on that just marketing tricks to selling somthinhg

byt i see create culture or give massage

if my brand is about business or advertising battle is for more creative ideas who will promote more new thinhgs whit more  quality on less price

if my business is for travel need to promote good destinatcion or good place for relax or entertaiment

if is for cloths or fashion need to show some models on people to see good results

here i want to pyt my mind to work to tell you somthinhg from me

whit my suggestion not just can generate more sells on promotion

can change trend from negativy to positivy thinking people

i think that is brain storming becose if someone see on thinhg just a product another see WOW


AMAZING THINHGS who is empowered

My goal is to help on more people to change mind and start thinking positive

to create more inovative and more creative promo campaings

more people to say why do this  my answer is becose i motivated when i see people doing somthinhg is better from me

i get fuel for my brain to see more successeful people from me

and i open a new chalenge for me and my brain to find more opportunity how i to gain a new level of skills and knowledge

on the end here i will tell you if have a more questions or just need more informatcion about promote this

ask me on social media or on my phone or skype

i will try to explain on all of people who want  to learn more about this part of internet marketing

for theshe who thinking aboyt this to try or to start i say yes do imidiatly this

for theshe who have a expiriance in online marketing who want to be more successeful and go on the next level i will try to help too

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my skype  ivan.simeonov1212

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