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How to start business online?


Hello readers i will tell you my little story

When i started worked online in 2007 year i working driving a hard truck  motokar from 8 hour to 5 in full time work day after work when i go back to my home i have interest to start my computar and looking for more jobs to get some good quality informatcion or additional work to have more income becose only salary i paid my electricity bill water phone and tax and have money for clothes and food byt  i think human have and soul and need to go on restaurant or going to cinema to watch good interesting movie or to buy new car or new house or travel somewhere on bytifull place on exciting vacantcion or amazing hobby

all of theshe things cost price or need some money to do this

for that reason i looking for more jobs to earn some money to can pay for more exciting things

and my first thing i research online  were Paid to click sites PTC i start clicked for some cents and start refering others people to doing same whit me

byt i see is not enofgt to do only that to click some site or refering others  i started learning about web design  and start developing to blogging and creating web sites and blogs after i see many thinhg about blogging for money i create some blogs or sites

can see my site   

byt and that is not enough for me to stop to there

when starting whit blogging i see need a visitors or traffic

i develop two important thing to deliver web traffic from my expirianse 2 big group of things

1 is  traffic from search example google or bing for that need quality SEO to ranking more higher my web sites or blogs to start getting more traffic from organic search

2 Web advertising or online advertising here contained many chanels to do this

small up i say i have expiriance whit PTC paid to click is good advertising traffic to get many visitors baner traffic text links or paid to click offers sign ups offers too

here i will say too i look online marketing work great for many people

i started teaching and learning about online marketing

and i found many ways for do that

i will say some of them  

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING         facebook twitter google+ linkidn

EMAIL MARKETING             traffic exchange

TRAFFIC EXCHANGE      1:1 surf ratio is best click one get one click of my link 1 real visitor that can use and for  branding page or referal link affiliate links affiliate page to sell somethinhg products or services

others good thinhg to share whit you is i found branding first before to choose quality brand or create personal brand i start branding myself   for more people who for first time see that will say what i to speal about me is not interesting and very dengerous and YES is true byt if have a positive thinking will turn that in INTERESTING AND VERY HELPFUL for every human

WHY?   becose when i were student i go up and speak whit my teacher to share my knowlege on my teachers to get my exams or to get good results or award

if i know how good to brand my self in my best look i will  achieve more easy and faster good results more success that will generate more leads seles and more money

Others good metod is eyes to eyes  that is skill need to be a leader

more good leaders online doing meetings offline eyes to eays

i started same to speak whit people close to my house in one coffee or bbq or in park  to talk about business or great opportunity

Others important parts is communicatcion skills

can talk whit people on masanger or skype or vayber

doing webinars

or online meetings

i explain abot these 2 important steps i think need more attention SEO and WEB ADVERTISING

when whit good advertising can get seo on web sites or blogs that is good to work both promoting will get higher seo rank that will bring more visitors and cycle again and again


traffic SEO web advertising

What need to start

first one EMAIL i recomended to use gmail is secure and easy to use

email is needed for registratcion

after need to set your goal what want to make or get online

if is money what range is enough for you

if is new skills or knowedge need a good trusted informatcion

can get from my expirianse and my business

i work whit company who sell domain names and hosting

that is my base where business walks

after is web design to can create bytifull web sites or blogs


here can tell you can make a lot of money just from advertising  online byt and i say can make and zero 0$ to MONEY $ real good and real big MONEY  a LOT OF $$$$ only from advertising

my recomend is to use advertising to sales quality products and services

on this way can make money froma dvertising and from use advertising to seling

convert traffic is not funy or easy to do work byt need to have good skills and to can make good calculating about time spent and money gain

i will tell you if spent all day long for few dollars is not good idea to spent life for small money

most good idea is for small time to gain a much of money

for that need  good company or quality products or services to pay you a lot of commisions


Good look for all online

and follow me on social media and continue reading my articles blogs and my sites